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Hire The Round House

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The Round House sleeps a family of 4 and is lovely and cozy with a large log-burning stove, wooden floors, rugs, comfy old chairs and lots of bits and bobs.  Like our other acommodation, all you need to bring for sleeping is a sleeping bag or quilt as beds, matresses, pillows and sheets are all provided for you. There is no electric so please bring adequate lighting or candles and any other camping equipment you need.


It has a rather unusual hand made oak king size bed with mattress which has working French stocks built into the foot of the bed! There are also three good quality fold away adult size camp beds.


The Round House is a lovely alternative for those who want to truly get away from it all but don't fancy the idea of pitching a tent especially when the weather turns a little cooler (as it can do sometimes:-)  


The Round House is available for hire at £50 per night and is available ALL YEAR ROUND

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Depending on the length of your stay it may well be advisable to pop to Ikea or the likes before you arrive and stock up on T- lights as you will get through a fair few of them during your stay.

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