The hook-up field

Electric hook-up

We have five electric hook-up points located in their own camping field. There is plenty of space between them although this is the smaller of the two camping fields we have and they are popular so if you did want hook-up then its wise to book in advance if you can.

There is a chemical waste disposal point tucked away in the corner of the field plus a number of stone built BBQs, fire pits, picnic tables and drinking water taps. The hook-up field is also the closest of the two fields to the showers and toilets.

To book please email:

The hook-up field looking out towards the mountains

We've planted a lot of fruit trees this year arround the hook-up field so hopefully you should be able to pick yourself lots of lovely fruit soon :-)


It's a lovely base for camping in Dumfries and Galloway

Looking back towards the horse field