Balloch O' Dee Campsite



Help with the horses

Sadly Hazel has had some problems with her back and so we are no longer running the pony trekking centre. We do still have many of the horses and during the summer Hazel and the 'Cow Girls and Boys' are always looking for people to help out with the ponies.


The children will be able to help out with the horses and groom and pamper them as much as they want and all for free! We built new stables over the winter 2013 and 'THE RANCH HOUSE' is ready now. It is a lovely big stable block with pens for the horses as well as smaller pens for other animals such as rabbits, pigs, hens. The kids are wecome to come to see the animals and feed them and generaly help out if they wish.

jen1 hazeandDaze DSC_0104 MAX-IN-RANCH-HOUSE ranch-house-2

MAX in the Ranch House..

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