Balloch O' Dee Campsite



We love our campfires...

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One of the wonderful things for us as a family when we went camping was sitting round a campfire in the evening. The whole experience of collecting firewood with the kids and cooking on an open fire in the middle of nowhere was a large part of our camping experience. So, with that in mind we have built lots of fire pits around the campsite and you are welcome to have a campfire whenever you like.  

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There is plenty of wood to be foraged from the nearby forests and we always have plenty of kiln dried sustainable hardwood for sale.


Some of the fires have grills over them or cooking poles so you can have great fun cooking with the kids on an open fire - it really does taste a million times better!!

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To book please email:


The Main field


We are going to put more and more grills and cooking stations on the fires for campers to use - just as soon as we can make them!

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