Balloch O' Dee Campsite





Our Camp Ethos

We have tried to create the sort of campsite that, as a family, we would like to camp on.


In recent years there has been a trend towards 'Glamping' sites and while we do offer some alternative accomodation on site the overall experience we hope, still has a 'proper' camping feel. We are not a glamping site but a traditional campsite with some different options for you. :-)


We dont have many rules at Balloch O Dee. One of the things that used to drive me bonkers when we went camping was turning up on some campsite and the first thing we were given would be a long list of things that we were not allowed to do! What a welcome!


So you wont find a single notice or rule board at Balloch O Dee. You are on holiday, generally to get away from all the silly rules and regulations of everyday life. That's why we went camping.


What we do ask though is that you respect your fellow campers, the environment and our Camp Ethos. :-)


There are a few things that we would always try and look for in a prospective campsite and these things we have tried, as much as possible, to incorporate into Balloch O ' Dee.


We dont have any set pitches for tents so you can pitch up wherever you like. We try and keep numbers to a sensible level so you dont feel crammed in. Obviously on Bank Holidays or some School Holidays we do get busy and again we just ask that you respect other campers and families in terms of space and noise.


...Speaking of noise....

We want you to enjoy yourself and we are a very family oriented site. There is nothing better than sitting round a camp fire with a guitar and good friends and family into the wee small hours putting the world to rights, we love it. However, if you want to have your stereo blasting out all night then this is not the site for you. Fair play to you, enjoy, but just not here :-)  



....enjoy the peace...

Dogs - Please Note -


We are a very dog friendly site

(We have 5 dogs) and you are welcome to bring your dogs to Balloch O Dee, However  we dont allow aggressive dogs on site. If you are unsure then PLEASE call us first.



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